My Ex-Stepdad 1: Not the One He Loves

by Marissa Blush

“You remind me of my ex-wife” might be the worst pick-up line in history.

The ex-wife in question happens to be my mother who divorced this tall, dark and handsome cowboy ten years ago. I can’t help wondering if he makes fun of me or he really doesn’t know who I am. The only way to find out is to flirt with him until one of us backs down.

Charles and I never got along while he was married to my mother. I wasn’t shy about letting him know that I wanted my father back. The day my parents remarried was the happiest of my life and tomorrow marks ten years since that day. The only thing that keeps us a family now is my half-brother Blake.

It takes a hurricane for Charles and me to be under the same roof again. Forced to be in the same house with my ex-stepdad, I can’t help trying to torment him, but things don’t go exactly according to my plan.

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Category: Erotic Romance