My Dad’s Rival’s Secret Baby

by Jamie Knight

I shouldn’t be doing this with him. He’s twice my age.
And he’s my dad’s rival. But now, he’s put a baby in me.

I’m the rightful heir of my dad’s real estate company.
But he wants to marry me off to a son-in-law who will inherit it.
Unless I can manage to sell a million dollar house on my own.
I go to work for another company, owned by my dad’s biggest competitor.
Wesley is intelligent, hard working… and hot as h*ll.
He takes me seriously, unlike my dad.
But he doesn’t know who I really am.
He wants me to not only work with him, but live with him.
And he wants to have his way with me any time he wants.
Things seem to be really heating up between us.

But what will happen when he finds out my two biggest secrets?
One – my true identity, and two – that I’m having his baby?

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Category: Contemporary Romance