My Dad’s C*cky Assistant

by Lily Vixen

Chemistry this sinful can’t be ignored.

Attractive, workaholic Joshua is ready to call it a night, even if it’s almost nine in the evening. But before he gets a chance to go home and crash, he lays eyes on the most mesmerizing creature he’s ever seen. Now he can’t stop thinking about her; naked in his bed while he does savage and exquisite things to her. The only problem? She’s his boss’s daughter.

The last thing Alexa wanted tonight was to spend another boring evening waiting for her father to finish one last conference call. Whose fault was it he chose to do business with people in a different time zone? But when she finds a sexy employee in the office copy room, it seems her night might not turn out to be that boring after all. Especially when her father insists Joshua take her out for a quick bite.

What starts out as an innocent dinner leads to more than either of them secretly hoped for. But is this forbidden attraction between Alexa and Joshua insta-love or just insta-lust?

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Category: Contemporary Romance