Mulberry Bay

by Melissa Hill

Escape to an idyllic getaway by the sea with a gorgeously heartwarming romance from the bestselling author of A GIFT TO REMEMBER, THE HEARTBREAK CAFE and more.
‘A jewel of a novel, sparkling with warm, delightfully flawed characters’ ROMANTIC TIMES

The Bay Hotel, perched on a clifftop above a sweeping bay, was once the heart and soul of pretty Irish seaside town Mulberry Bay. Run by the Harte family, the place was as beloved as cheery landlady Anna, and visitors from far and wide came for the warm welcome and charming surroundings.

The hotel was also once home to thirty-something sisters Eleanor and Penny, and while youngest sister Penny still lives close by, it’s been some time since Elle has been back.
But following a family tragedy, she is forced to return from her busy London world and confront the reality of the life she left behind.

When it becomes apparent that the property may need to be sold, the sisters are unprepared by the reaction of their father, Ned. He steadfastly refuses to give up their mum’s legacy, revealing that the family has given up something equally precious once before.
Intrigued by their father’s revelation, the sisters unite, with the local community behind them in their efforts to save the hotel – and, in the process, help heal the fractures in the Harte family.

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Category: Contemporary Romance