More Than Cake

by Tani Hanes

It’s a big world, and MJ is a big girl trying to find her place in it. Can she handle a secret romance with the hottest rock star in the world?

MJ Jassemolada is a big girl, and has been a big girl her whole life. She’s been called all the hurtful names: Hefty heifer, dump truck, fat, porky pig, she’s heard them all. A bred and born LA girl, she feels like she’s surrounded by the thin and beautiful of the world, and having a widower father who tells her she’s beautiful every day just doesn’t help. She can see her reflection in the mirror, after all, loud and clear.

After graduation from UCLA, she gets a coveted job as personal assistant to superstar singer Meredith Renner, who’s leaving for a world tour with Heath Spencer, who’s even more popular than Meredith, if such a thing is possible. Meredith is as awful as MJ expected her to be, but Heath turns out to be nice. And smart. And funny. And—attracted to her? MJ? The big girl? Could such a thing be possible? He’s only interested in being her friend, right?

But as the tour progresses across the globe, and MJ and Heath spend more and more time together, MJ is forced to admit what just couldn’t be: Heath Spencer likes her. In that way. So, though she’s scared out of her wits, MJ, who’s never had a boyfriend, who’s never even kissed anyone, throws herself into an exciting, secret, and very sexy romance with one of the most handsome and sought after men on the planet. And life is complete and utter bliss.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance