Montana Promises

by Kim Law

Nate Wilde is ready to leave town. He’s been home too long and extending his visit means risking fantasies of staying for good. Unfortunately, his siblings need him. The family orchard is on the brink of collapse. Only, what can he possibly do to save an orchard that’s lost most of its trees?

Megan Manning, ex-girlfriend to Nate’s youngest brother and manager of the Wilde family’s cherry-themed gift store, intends to settle permanently in her newly adopted town. Her list for happiness is simple. A rewarding job, good friends, and finding someone to love.

As Nate works to save the orchard, Megan pitches in to help. After all, no cherry farm equals no need for a gift store. But when constant contact has their chemistry spiking, Megan discovers there’s more than the family business worth fighting for. But will Nate be able to handle falling for his brother’s ex?

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Category: Contemporary Romance