Mister Sugar

by Logan Fox

A wealthy widower. An attractive opportunist. But is their dark romance destined for tragedy?

Recently widowed Drew Sugar expected his daughter home from college. When her friend, Angel, arrives instead, his world is overturned in an instant.

He shouldn’t have allowed her inside his house, but she had nowhere else to go. He should never have given in to her advances, but it had been months since he’d felt a woman’s touch.

Angel makes him feel like the man he used to be before the lies and secrets surrounding his marriage came to light, devastating him. He’s convinced Angel could be a fresh start. A new beginning.

Until his brother discovers their secret tryst, and attempts to steal what’s not his.


He shouldn’t have done what he did, but Mister Sugar isn’t a sweet man.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotic Romance