Mistaken Identity at Double Dog Ranch

by Macie St. James

Dylan Tate grew up on Double D Ranch, named for him and his twin brother, Dallas. As the ranch has started to fail, though, he and his brother have been increasingly at odds. Dallas wants to turn the property into an animal rescue, while Dylan wants to boost the ranch’s earnings by marketing their cattle as “grass-fed beef.”

London Kelly is outraged to learn one of the rescue animals from her Galveston pet rescue has ended up at one of the cattle ranches in nearby Redemption Creek. Her goal is to track down the man who bought the dog and appeal to his pet-lover side. But she has no idea that Dallas signed his brother’s name on the forms—and Dylan represents everything London despises.

As they get to know each other, Dylan realizes he needs to tell London the truth. But it soon becomes clear they have different goals, and those differences may just be too great to overcome.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance