by Kris Kassady

Miranda, a shy, underweight virgin, yearns for more in her life. Her dreams of finding Mr. Right consume her thoughts while she lives a solitary existence, surrounded by books & music. When Mack Montana, a talented folk singer and army veteran, enters her world, everything changes.

Enthralled by Mack’s performances, Miranda finds herself drawn to his charming personality. When he asks her out, it feels like a stroke of luck.

But both Miranda and Mack face their own challenges. Miranda’s deep-seated self-consciousness about her body stops her from fully embracing the romance. At the same time, Mack struggles to navigate the lasting impact of his war-related trauma.

Discover the poignant journey of Miranda& Mack as they navigate vulnerability, healing, & the complexities of romance. Will their story be an enduring tale of love, or merely a transient affair between two wounded souls?

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Category: Erotic Romance