Min and Wyx

by Atthys Gage

Maggie Wyx is the most intriguing person Min Carpenter has ever met: brilliant, creative, passionate.

But the mercurial artist comes with a matched set of emotional baggage. She’s confrontational and antagonistic. She drinks too much and tells odd lies. She picks fights with total strangers. And her combative nature extends to her friends as well, particularly Rob, a childhood acquaintance who befriends Min after she and Wyx have a stormy break up. But his interests may not be limited to friendship, and the antagonism between Rob and Wyx seems to go in both directions. What deep secret do these two share, uniting them both in resentment and hostility?

Smoldering, elegant, and frankly sensual, this story of an unconventional lover’s triangle represents a new direction for the author, an exploration of the corrosive effects of guilt and jealousy and the healing potential of love.

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Category: LGBT Romance