Messing With My Brother’s Best Friends

by Sam Hall

What do you do when you run into the men who made your childhood hell?
Move in with them, of course!

It was a decision made from one part desperation and one part need for revenge… I moved into their house, but they quickly moved into my mind every waking minute of every freaking day. Because they’re different than I remember:

Van was always the golden boy with the cheeky smile. Now that smile has a hungry edge that is saved just for me.
Gage was always tall and silent, but he’s a wall of hard muscle now and part of me wants to find out exactly how big.
And Connor? With those dimples and that cocky attitude, he’s got trouble written all over him.

Well, it turns out the joke’s on me.
I might be the one engaging in juvenile pranks this time, but these three guys are determined to play the biggest prank of all.
To get me back—in their life, in their bed, in their hearts.

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Category: Contemporary Romance