Melting Silver: A set of seasoned second chances

by Lainey Davis

Is it ever too late for love?

Mistakes. Tragedy. Betrayal.

Four people who hide their secret yearning for connection. They’ve all been alone for so long, they believe a happily ever after is simply out of reach.

But fate intervenes, bringing these weathered souls together and igniting a spark they never thought possible.

Kellen and Elizabeth & Mick and Celeste discover the joy of shared dreams, profound love, and desire that shatters their stagnant status quo.

These sexy slow-burn stories celebrate resilience and the beauty of forgiveness. Grab the tissues and binge Melting Silver, where gentle men fall hard for determined women and the flames of passion melt even the coldest hearts.

If you crave unforgettable characters, heartwarming transformations, and tension so hot it’ll curl your toes, you’ll inhale this captivating collection of contemporary romance by Lainey Davis.

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