Mated to the Alien Commander

by Molly Rowland

Two nights ago, I was kidnapped.

Now I’m chained up in the bowels of a spaceship, surrounded by giant muscle-bound aliens who look at me like I’m the newest item on the menu. My heart sinks at whispers of a king and his harem. I huddle in the corner of my cell and pray for rescue.

The Commander could be my salvation.

All the aliens stare at my naked curves, but his gaze is different. Intense. Protective. Hungry. Like it takes every ounce of self-control he has to keep from devouring me. The disapproving looks from his men tell me he’s close to crossing a line I don’t understand.

Trouble stirs when his men discover the true ferocity of his attraction. Will he surrender me to the King when the time comes? Do I want him to?

This steamy romance is the first in a new series with a happy-for-now ending. Vrox and Marian’s story will continue in Book 2!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance