Matched to Xycho

by C. Y. Croc

Beauty and the Beast type alien romance. With monstrous romantic suspense, action and adventure, some very dark moments…and a giggle or two.
More than anything, I want to work my own space station.
To do that, I’m required to join the internal dating app of the space company I work for.
Today I received confirmation of a possible space station placement. I’m practically jumping around my cabin with joy.
That is, until I receive a message to log into the dating app.
That’s when I see the male alien who the company have matched me with.
To accept the placement, I also need to accept the match, and the alien male I’m staring at hit every ugly branch falling out of a tree as a kid.
Is this the only male on their database compatible with me?
My finger hovers over the accept button.
I’d rather die than have him as my mate. But if I want to achieve my life’s ambition of running my own space station, I have to accept the match.
I close my eyes and hit accept.
Will I sleep with him?
Heck no!
Hell will have to freeze over before I let that purple monster lay a finger on me.
Little do I know that’s exactly what is about to happen.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance