Match for the Cowboy

by Hannah Jo Abbott

She’s running from her life, will he be the one to catch her?

Grace Rogers had to get away from her controlling boyfriend. Without a plan or a job, she set out for somewhere—anywhere but there. When a handsome cowboy in a small town mistakes her for the new church secretary, it seems best just to go with it.

As the youngest, Colton Macklin works just as hard as any of his six brothers on the family ranch, so what does he have to do to gain their respect? When the pastor asks him to be the church handyman, he’s more than willing to help, especially since he was picked over all his older brothers.

At the church, Colton finds that he and Grace have a lot in common, but the more he opens up, the more he senses she’s hiding something. When her true identity is revealed, he needs to protect her from her past, but can he forgive her to start their own future?

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Category: Inspirational Romance