Married to the Alien Admiral

by Alma Nilsson

What does the Alliance want with humans?
Humans are nothing in the galaxy.

After a private meeting between Captain Kara Rainer and the alien Alliance Admiral, it’s settled. The men from her crew will be allowed to return to Earth. In exchange, her female crew being sent to the Alliance Empire on the other side of the galaxy. And Captain Rainer will marry the grey-skinned Admiral of this warship herself.
Kara agrees only because thinks she will be able to escape and then rescue her crew from the Alliance homeworlds. She’s a genius and she’s a risk-taker. What she didn’t plan on was actually liking the way her new husband’s hands feel on her body. So much so, he has come a bit of an obsession for her.
When the opportunity to escape comes, will Kara leave her alien admiral or betray humanity for her own desires?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance