Marked By The Demigod

by Alessa Winters

Aimes isn’t the kind of girl that wakes up married to handsome strangers. But this man is saying they are. Okay, well she can work through that. Until Aimes finds out he is also on the run.

In addition to that, her handsome new man is a Demigod on the run from murderous brothers who view him as the last thing in their way from ruling the world and Aimes begins to understand her amazing new life is filled with danger.

Thrust into a world full of Gods, Ghosts, Dryads, and Succubi, Aimes must learn how to navigate all the craziness surrounding her. And she must also keep her steamy relationship with her new husband a secret to keep them both alive.

But when his brothers start to kill people in Aimes’s community, slowly drawing closer and closer to everyone Aimes holds dear, she is faced with the ultimate choice: does she leave with her new husband, leaving everyone she loves to face their own fates, or does she team up with him to take the murderers down?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Succubi’s Choice

by Alessa Winters

Miri has always considered herself a normal Succubi. She goes to her job, gets her clearance to hunt, hooks up with random targets at bars, and lives with her best friends.

But, when she is assigned to investigate a young man who’s been possessed by an all-powerful Archdemon, she is thrust into a glamorous, high stakes world of power players intent on controlling people like her. A world where favors are traded without care, where torture and sensuality are two sides of the same coin, where her wildest dreams can come true.

At at the center stands the Archdemon. He promises she can trust him– that he can change her life, free her from the rules holding her back, and maybe, just maybe, help her find the love forbidden from her her entire life.

All she has to do is choose between a world she knows and a world she could love – if it doesn’t ruin her first.

$0.99 Previously $2.99