Marked by the Demigod: A Paranormal Romance

by Alessa Winters

Aimes isn’t the kind of girl that wakes up married to handsome strangers.

But this man is saying they are, their souls magically bound to one another. Her mind filled with intoxicating images of the supernatural man, drawing them together again and again. Thrust into a world full of Gods, Dryads, Ghosts, and Demons, Aimes must learn to walk the streets with care–because not every magical being is so welcoming to a new face.

What could be a wonderful new start for a woman on the rebound, turns into a nightmare. Her new love is on the run from his murderous brothers, twin Demigods who see him as the last thing standing in their way from ruling the world. And as the brothers draw ever closer, bodies in their wake and her new husband cornered, Aimes finds that she may be the only person able to protect her new community.

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Category: Paranormal Romance