Marble Scars

by Lisa Lovell

An awkward accident with my depilator.
Witnessed by a dangerous man I should have no business with.
Never a better time to get pregnant, right?

To be fair, a lot more had happened before that last part.
Like the fact that I got kidnapped.
By the the most ruthless Bratva enforcer alive.
Who also just happens to be the hottest man alive.

But there’s a lot more to Timur Yakov than those two things.
Sure, he’s a 6.4-foot mass of handsome broodiness.
Sure, his gaze could pierce through ice and his body deserves a standing ovulation.
Excuse me… ovation!

But Timur is haunted by demons.
Demons that could easily crush me and tear my heart to shreds.
And one passionate night is all it takes to release them.

That’s how I end up running for my life, with remnants of my past burning behind me.
That’s how I end up entangled in scars and muscles, in an endless whirlwind of mind-numbing ecstasy.
And eventually, that’s how I end up with a positive pregnancy test in my hand.

But in all of that, I must learn a terrifying lesson:
“Blurred are the lines between pain and pleasure.”

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Category: Erotic Romance