Managing Mischief

by Alyndra Quinn

A spark of desire became an inferno of passion, igniting an uncontrollable craving for one another.
Ashton came into my life and ignited feelings I’d never felt with her mischievous smile, sinfully sexy body, and inquisitive mind. With her under my control, every scene is new and vibrant, rekindling my passion for exploring the lifestyle through fresh eyes. But when a dangerous rival makes her a pawn in a deadly game, I’m forced to reveal my past sins to keep her safe.
Devastatingly handsome billionaire Zachary Ingram conquers everything he desires—including me. His smoldering green eyes compel my surrender to his dominance and my deepest desires. In the decadent world of Club Shattered Embrace, Zachary sends me floating in carefree bliss. But reality spoils our party when an opportunity to lead a dream team of the world’s best researchers would mean moving to Atlanta.
Will Zachary and Ashton’s scorching hot connection fizzle or become forever? Find out in Managing Mischief, the second book in the sinfully sexy world of Club Shattered Embrace.

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Category: Erotic Romance