Mama Si’s Paradise

by D.N. Hoxa

The girls in Mama Si’s Paradise live like royalty. Real-life princesses. Dolls, she calls them, and what they do is entertain her very beautiful, very wealthy guests.

They hide the true face of the Paradise so well…

Good ole me went in there to apply for a housekeeping position after I caught my boyfriend cheating, and he kicked me out. Nobody in town was hiring, so I thought, what the hell. Even though I knew what that place was, I went.

Then Mama Si saw me.

She took one look at me, told me that the vacancy was no longer available, but that she had a better offer to make me—to become one of her dolls.

I accepted because she promised me freedom. She promised me power. She promised me magic.

She lied.

My whole world turns upside down for me within days. I end up bitten by a dragon and stuck in an isle where the sun never shines. Stuck in the Evernight Court, as the bride-to-be of one of the five Evernight brothers who rule the Seven Isles—what is left of the world of magic on Earth.

They’re powerful vampires, hungry for new blood, desperate for an heir, each more breathtakingly beautiful than the last—and all of them trying to make me theirs.

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Category: Fantasy Romance