Making You Mine

by Vesper Young

I never planned to come back to Juniper Cove. But suddenly it’s impossible to stay away….

When I fly back to the small town from my childhood, I’m completely unprepared for Drew.

Specifically, I’m unprepared for Drew—single father and my one-time childhood crush—to take an interest in me. A romantic one.

I expected my teenage fantasies to stay fantasies. Now, they’re devastatingly possible.

There’s no need to get tangled up in small town life, not with a single father, even if those eyes see me in a way no one else does. I should avoid him. Stay away. Go back to the city at the end of the summer.

I really, really mean to.

But everywhere I go, I run into him. And when we share one night, alone, together in a way I’d only ever dreamed of… I forget all the reasons I have to say no.

I should leave. I should say no. But when Drew wants something, he’s tends to get i

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Category: Contemporary Romance