Make You Mine: A Grumpy Boss Hate To Love Romance

by Elyse Riggs

Under no circumstances can I fall for my tall, dark, and grumpy boss.


Sure, he’s tall, dark, and sexy as hell. He’s also growly and cocky and arrogant. To say we got off on the wrong foot would be the understatement of the year. Including the wardrobe malfunction he walked in on. My cheeks were on fire, but there was a different sort of fire in his eyes. But now he’s my new boss so I’m stuck with him. Cash the paycheck and go home. That’s the plan. Only it’s not so easy when my brain keeps going off script and picturing him in ways that are not safe for work.


Elle is the sexy sunshine I can’t ignore. She’s the only one who has the fire to stand up to me. Now that fire is threatening to undo me. Every eye turns when she enters the room, and every glimpse of her smile and her curves makes me ache. But she’s off-limits. Forbidden fruit. Yeah, I might be in trouble.

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Category: Romantic Comedy