Make Him Tremble

by P.W. Davies

Trust doesn’t come easy when opposites attract.

From the moment Victor realized he was attracted to Christian, nothing was simple. After all, a straight-laced lawyer shouldn’t get into bed with a hitman, but Victor didn’t exactly ask Christian what he did for a living. A series of encounters between the two men leads Victor to suspect running into Christian isn’t a coincidence, but that hint of danger is exactly what Victor wants.

What Victor doesn’t realize is the enigmatic, blue-eyed man he’s chosen to explore his bisexuality with has targeted one of his co-workers. As Christian fights his growing interest in Victor, the deceptions start piling up. The question is, when those secrets come to light, can they trust their hearts to someone with such a different life?

Especially if it means a relationship with a body count.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance