Maid Marian and the Lawman

by Deb Stover

1896 Oklahoma Indian Territory

Mary Goode has spent years hiding her sweetly off-kilter brother, Robin, and two fellow misfits after rescuing them from an institution. Unknown to Mary, their fascination with Robin Hood and his “steal from the rich to give to the poor” may have led to a few actual robberies.

U.S. Marshal Shane Latimer is after the inept Robin Hood and his Merry Men when a spooked horse lands him in the care of Robin’s protective sister, Mary, aka Maid Marian.

He’s charmed by Mary’s devotion to her brood, the appeal of their family affection, love, and loyalty, combined with Mary’s growing hold on his heart, is hard to resist. Can he reconcile his duties as a lawman with his love for Maid Marian and her outlaws?

Mary is equally torn. This wounded stranger could be the man of her dreams, but will he forever shatter the idyllic life she’s forged for her special family?

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Category: Western Romance