by Anya J Cosgrove

I’m Vicky, though that’s not really my name. Lying becomes second nature when you’re on the run.

I never expected to end up half-naked in the woods. I didn’t plan to stumble upon the most powerful shifter clan in North America and three of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Dominic, the fun and reckless new wolf.

Sam, the hot doctor with glacial-blue eyes.

And Gabriel, the intense, secretive alpha who wants nothing to do with me.

My real name is a one-way ticket back to hell, and my secrets need to stay dead and buried like the girl I used to be.

Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Red-Riding Hood—I can be all three. I can use my powers to earn a place in their werewolf town, away from the bite of my past.

The only thing I can’t do is fall for them.

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Category: Paranormal Romance