Magic Misfit

by A. Caprice

The Raven Academy could save my life… if it doesn’t kill me first.

Waitressing might pay my bills, but it’s my cage fighting that really cranks my gears. Until some weird hidden power helped me win a bout and now no one will fight me.

And my life is going from weird to worse. The same night a werewolf tried to kill me, a guy shows up telling me magic exists AND I’m a witch.

Apparently the answer is for me to follow this hottie professor to some Raven Academy. School was never my jam, but at least this one comes with a hot demon who’s helping me train and a sexy fellow student who seems to be interested in more than just study hall. Throw in Professor Sexy Pants tutoring me privately to improve my magic, and it’s every girl’s dream.

Until I find out I’m part of some save-the-world prophecy.

If my sexy consorts and I can’t pummel my magic into shape soon, we’re all doomed…

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Category: Paranormal Romance