Magic Destiny

by Kate Gellar

One day Abby Brennan is a typical American college student, the next her mom dies and she discovers she’s the descendant of some powerful witch line. Except her mother forgot to mention it, and now Abby’s able to sense things others cannot. Lucky for her, four sexy, Irish guardians might just have the answers she needs.

Spending the summer in an Irish castle with four hot men would be any girl’s dream, but this place is heaving with a strange, pulsating energy. She can feel it. Something’s coming for her, and it wants to use her raw, untamed power to free them.

It doesn’t help that the sexy-as-hell guardians are being super secretive. They haven’t been truthful about why they invited Abby. Why she hungers for them—and not in a good way.

If Abby doesn’t figure out fast who her mom was—who she is—she might be adding murder to her list of summer activities.

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Category: Paranormal Romance