Lust: A Dark Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

by Nikki Rome

All my life I’ve waited on a savior — I never imagined there’d be three of them.

When Dante Corsetti stepped through the doorway, I knew I’d never see this hellhole again. But when two of his brothers in crime appeared beside him, it was clear my debt had just tripled.

Now I’m far from the Romano family control, but always at the behest of my liberators. I’m used to being a pawn in a bigger game, but the demands these Dark Kings make of me awaken a lustful power I never knew I possessed.

I have every reason to fear them.
Every reason to run from them.
But I am chained by desire to their sinful ways.

The Romano name is not finished with me yet though — and when my family tangle with the men who have taken me as their own, I’ll be forced to show everyone where my loyalties lie.

Even if I pay the price of a traitor.

Lust is a dark ‘why choose?’ romance, featuring three dangerously hot tattooed mobsters, the FMC they adore and a thrilling cliffhanger ending. This is Book One in the Dark Kings series, which ultimately features an HEA.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Envy: A Dark Captive Mafia Romance

by Nikki Rome


My body has taken some serious beatings over the years, but losing Valentina feels like losing a limb. And now, I’m just bleeding out.

Someone must pay.

Right now, it’s me — our little ragazzina disappeared on my watch and the beast within has been clawing to get out for days.

But revenge isn’t always simple, especially when it involves my screwed up past.

Now, every way I look at it, the only path out is one I must tread alone. Which means breaking the one woman I’d die to be with.


For decades the De Bartoli and Corsetti families have held fast to their silent agreement — but their contract overlooked one significant variable:


As the needle pierced my skin, it was Nico’s face that flashed before my eyes. Then everything went dark.

Dante and Ares will be furious at my kidnap, but Nico…Nico will be unhinged. Now I’m a bargaining chip.

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