Lucas & Melissa Falling in Love

by Stephanie Queen

Is Lucas the one for Melissa?
Lucas & Melissa need to get past their family secrets to find a way to be together. But will they?

Lucas is impossibly perfect, but he’s an Uber driving art student and I’m looking for a banking mogul. We can’t possibly be meant for each other. I only wish we had more in common because I adore everything about his charming-if-controlling over-the-top masculine self. Except…
How can I say he’s not for me when I don’t even know who I am. My past is shrouded in secrets…

Melissa has no idea why I want her. Why I need her. She’s that rare beauty with a tough as nails exterior covering a generous, soft hearted core. She may as well have appeared from my dreams. Except she’s better…
The only thing keeping us apart is my true identity. I’ve kept my family legacy a secret…

When Melissa thinks she’s lost everything–her job, her money and her home–she finds out what she has left is what’s most important, but not without paying a painful price. Will Lucas get caught up in the fall-out of her life’s disastrous secrets?

What readers are saying:

“Holiday Affair is a delightfully hot, scorching book that kept the Kindle app on my smart phone supercharged and in plug-in mode the entire length of the read. Bravo, Ms. Queen – this story is a stunner and I am smitten with everything you write!”–Amazon Reviewer

“This light-hearted, easy read story quickly sweeps the reader into a hot romance, filled with sexual tension and a big secret.”–Amazon Reviewer

“I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last. It’s fast paced, emotional, and sexy. The storyline is well developed and the characters are very likable.”–Amazon Reviewer

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Category: Contemporary Romance