Loyalty that Binds

by A.J. Wyatt

“She’s everything I shouldn’t want and yet I know there’s no way I can stay away.”

Neal Sanders

Being the Underboss has always been my life, and now I’m on my way to becoming the Don. The only thing standing in my way is a marriage I don’t want to a woman I can’t stand.
I’ll just have to show my Uncle that there is no way I can ever be a husband.
Not to mention the woman I met a few nights ago…
I can’t get her out of my mind.
And now she’s here.
To stay.

Amelia Hudgens

I’ve always had a plan for my life. Graduate, get married and have babies. It’s the dream…right?
Until I meet the dark, handsome stranger in a club I have no business being in.
He manages to capture my attention and makes me question everything.
Should I care that he’s one of the most dangerous men in the city?
Should I care that I’m not from his world?
Even if I should…I can’t.
It’s too late.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Family that Binds

by A.J. Wyatt

Vengeance gives you purpose. Heartache cripples you. Pick your poison.


Everything I’ve worked for, my destiny, is within my grasp.
Thinking Amelia would be out of my system after a few nights, was a mistake.
She’s entwined with my very soul.
And still, it doesn’t matter. It can’t.
Because I have a duty. To my Family, to Cosa Nostra.
And my duty to her is to get her out of the Underworld before it’s too late.
Before she too falls prey to the monsters lurking in the dark.


I must be the most insane person walking the earth.
Staying and helping Neal face his demons even when knowing he can’t ever be mine.
But I can’t seem to walk away from him.
Because I know, inside of him is more than darkness.
Inside of him is the man I’m meant to be with forever.
Even if I have to walk to the gates of Hell, I’ll do it.
For him. For us.

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