Loving the High Warlock

by Maggie Shaw

Genevieve and Matlock share a forbidden love that was never meant to endure…

I’ve loved Matlock Adenolfi for years, but he is destined to become the High Warlock of ALL the realms and his marriage has been arranged since birth. I should have prepared myself better for our eventual break-up, but I didn’t, and that’s on me.

But nothing would have prepared me for finding out I’m pregnant with Matlock’s baby, a child who will be the heir to his power. Not only is our love forbidden, but my child is a threat to the Warlock ‘Council,’ and if they find out about her, my life, and my daughter’s, will be over. I have no choice but to run, away from my life, everything I’ve ever known.

And Matlock… He can never know.

Loving the High Warlock is the prequel to the series ‘Daughters of the High Warlock,’ set 22 years before ‘Sisters of the Coven’.

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Category: Paranormal Romance