Love’s Home Run

by Kate Kisset

When a gorgeous baseball player accidentally hits Danica Vargas with his baseball, she doesn’t realize the sexy stranger is her former crush. Luca Santino is about five feet taller and a thousand times hotter than she last saw him.

In school, Luca’s best friend’s older sister Danica swatted his heart around like a ball… except when they were making out in her bedroom. Back in Napa Valley a decade later with his semi-pro baseball team, Luca rediscovers the girl he loved.

But when an unexpected curveball involving Danica and Luca’s older brother comes out of left field, Luca will have to change his game if he wants to play for keeps.

Older and wiser, maybe this time, they’ll realize what started long ago wasn’t a game.

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Category: Sports Romance