Lovely Oblivion: Polly

by A.D. Craig

Two famous rockstars, two separate rock tours, two different lives. Polly and Flynn have been friends for years, but their lifestyles keep them apart. An awards show at an opportune time finally brings them together. Their feelings morph from friendship to more. Can their love overcome the distance and time apart?

DISCLAIMER: Rockstar content ahead! This book contains explicit sex, profanity, adult situations, and violence.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book is part of a series featuring female rock band Lovely Oblivion. All books are standalones — no cliffhangers allowed! Each book focuses on one of the band members and features a different trope (i.e. bodyguard/rockstar, second chance, friends-to-lovers). The Lovely Oblivion bandmates are all strong, sexy, and sassy. Plus, their significant others are all book boyfriend material. Every book has an HEA. Enjoy!

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Category: Contemporary Romance