Love Where You Work Boxed Set, Books 1-3

by Anna Pulley

In “Love Where You Work,” Clare Kolikov, a dedicated HR manager at a unique San Francisco startup, W;nkdIn, faces the challenge of balancing unconventional responsibilities with an unexpected attraction to her fashionable coworker, Julia Dawes. Workplace complications and a secret romance leave her torn between her career and love life.

“Pivot” showcases an uplifting queer romance between Paula Suarez, a hopeful designer, and Nita Funmaker, a bold journalist. Their chance meeting against a backdrop of cosplay events and divorce amendments culminates in comedic exploits, creating a fertile ground for burgeoning affections while leading them to confront undisclosed insecurities.

“Courtship” accompanies Reaux Briggs, a displaced drummer, on a voyage of personal growth and reconnection as she bumps into her former love, divorce lawyer Catherine “Fitz” Fitzgerald, on their mutual friend’s wedding cruise. Jointly steering through literal and emotional storms, they’re propelled to confront their shared history in their pursuit of love.

A heartwarming blend of humor, work, friendship, and unconventional love, this set offers an emotional rollercoaster for Casey McQuiston and Karelia Stetz-Waters fans. Its deep exploration of love in unexpected quarters renders it a joy to read and a promise of unforgettable characters.

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Category: LGBT Romance