Love Undercover

by Amy Brent

They call him a shark.
Ruthless. Fierce. Controlling.
Falling in love was never a part of the plan.
Neither was carrying his baby.


I always loved curvy girls.
And Kathryn was no exception.
My obedient mistress – that’s what she was supposed to be.
But one night with her and I was ruined.
Those luscious lips begged to be kissed, and the curves…oh my…and those legs…those legs could go on forever.
I had to take her, claim her, mark her as mine.
But there’s something she’s hiding from me…
Something that tells me falling in love is a risky proposition.

Kathryn baby, you were sent to catch me, weren’t you?
But now, I’m never letting you go.
It’s time to show who’s in charge here.

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Category: Contemporary Romance