Love the Witch, Hate the Craft (The Witches of Secret Hallow Book 1)

by Nora Lee

When Rowan Middlebrook left Secret Hallow for college, she swore she would never return home. Her magic is too dangerous for her to control.

But Nana Winterblossom has asked for Rowan’s help saving The Elder Tree. If it dies, there can be no magic in Secret Hallow at all. Rowan’s family has cared for the coven for generations. She has no choice but to help, even though she’ll have to resist the urge to embrace her witchy heritage.

As soon as Rowan returns, she meets the new warlock in Secret Hallow: Caedmon McFarland, who thinks he’s going to take over the coven by marrying Rowan, despite the fact they’ve never met before. Between dodging arranged marriage and trying to save The Elder Tree, Rowan is remembering how much she loved being a witch among her coven – if only she could find a little control.

After all, you can take the witch out of the magic, but you can’t take the magic out of the witch.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Familiarity Breeds Witchcraft (The Witches of Secret Hallow Book 2)

by Nora Lee

Gemma Ash is a techno-witch, which means that she gets along way better with computers than people. But who needs people anyway? She has her twin sister, Enid; their familiar, a drooling Saint Bernard named Bronson; and a creaky attic filled with computers that may or may not grow like vines under the loving care of her magic. What else could a girl ask for? Well, this particular girl is asking for donations to build a new school in Secret Hallow. Ethernet cables might grow on trees, but money, sadly, does not.

One of Gemma’s online friends, FeistyFox95, is happy to donate a healthy wad of cash to the ComePayMe fund—in exchange for a favor. FeistyFox95 wants Gemma to cast a love spell. How in the world can an agoraphobic techno-witch find romance for one of her best online buddies? She’ll need to get help from the coven. She’ll have to collect ingredients that aren’t made out of fiberoptic cable. And—gasp—she’ll have to leave Secret Hallow to get a sample of FeistyFox95’s hair on the full moon.

That last bit is scariest of all because Fox’s profile picture is uncomfortably attractive.

The only question is what Gemma wants more: to be an eternally lurking hermit in her computer room, or to bring education to the witches of Secret Hallow at the cost of her privacy…and maybe her heart.

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