Love on a Lark

by C.L. Donley

Lark Chambers is young, beautiful and brilliant, an interpreter formerly trained by the United Nations. Fluent in seven languages, she’s at the top of her game at Linguistics, Interpreting, Sign and Translation (LIST), the company that assigns her to Dario DiRossi, a multi-billion dollar textile heir, and currently her devastatingly handsome boss. DiRossi is no threat to her self control, however. As a product of the foster care system, Lark doesn’t know the first thing about getting close enough to a man to trust him with her heart. But when a handsome stranger christens her first night in her favorite city of Florence with lovemaking, Lark finds herself confronting the turmoil behind her put- together exterior. And her latest assignment just might put her over the edge.

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Category: Interracial Romance