Love Never After

by Helena Rosie

It’s not the happily ever after she expected this Christmas.

After meeting in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, the whirlwind romance should have been the start of the rest of their lives, and yet for Millie, fate had other ideas. In a split second, her life implodes when Marcus dies in a tragic accident, leaving Millie living atop a building she now owns. With a broken heart, the young widow refuses to leave the apartment, until one fateful moment changes everything. Millie uses Marcus’s final gift, a telescope, to peek into the lives of those in the city, when something feels odd, the antique drawing her to certain people. When a young girl crosses her sights, Millie must overcome her grief to save the life of a stranger. With the girl in danger will Millie find the strength to step beyond the door, or has the telescope sent her on a journey to unravel a secret linked to her own past?

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Category: Paranormal Romance