Love Most, Say Least (a Marry the Scot novel)

by Jolie Vines

“With my foot to the accelerator of a stolen vehicle, I kidnapped an unconscious heir.”

I never cared about who I’d marry, only that I had to walk the aisle before I was twenty-one or lose my inheritance. Then a tiny, wild-haired beauty pulled a stunt that sent my heart into overdrive, and my pulse hasn’t slowed since.

She had no idea a car wreck scarred my body and stole my family.

She couldn’t know that from one kiss, I’d be all but in love.

I’d saved my virginity for a marriage I didn’t value. Now Beth is in my sights, I finally know what I want, even if loving her means losing everything.

Love Most, Say Least is the second standalone in the hugely popular Marry the Scot contemporary romance series. If you adore a devoted hero, big houses, and getting punch-drunk on chemistry, start the series now.

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Category: Contemporary Romance