Love me, Maddie Mendoza

by Amy Oliveira

“Little by little we crossed the line. And I wasn’t strong enough to stop us…”

The miracle of Zeek and Maddie began in July 2005, when two families moved to houses thirty-three and thirty-five on Orchid Street.
Maddie Mendoza and Zeek King are – against all odds- inseparable. While Zeek spent his childhood running around with a ball, Maddie was a fixed image on the porch, threatening to burst it.
Years later, little has changed. When Maddie needs a place to stay, Zeek doesn’t think twice before offering his own bed.
Their legs are intertwined, after all, it only takes one night to blur the lines. And now, Zeek isn’t sure if he wants Maddie as a friend or he’s craving for something more.
Everyone says a man and a woman can’t be best friends without falling into bed.
Maddie and Zeek aren’t here to prove them wrong.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance