Love Lost in the War

by Orit Raz

Israel and Paula are teens living in Biala Podlaska, Poland, on the eve of World War II. One day Israel tells Paula that he intends to marry her in a few years. She objects, and their friendship ends. When the Germans invade the city, they flee together to Russia to volunteer in Soviet labor camps to survive. They are sent to different places. Paula works as a nurse, where she excels and is sent to Moscow to study medicine. There she marries Mila and has a son, but Mila dies at war soon after. Meanwhile, Israel returns to his hometown as a Polish soldier and finds a letter from Paula. Their love is rekindled from afar, and he proposes marriage by mail. But will Israel be able to manipulate the Russian authorities to obtain a visa and then penetrate the Iron Curtain to reunite with Paula in Moscow? Will their love ever again be free to flourish?

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Category: Historical Romance