Love Is Enough

by Emma Easter

Can three sisters find true love? It doesn’t come easily for the Gardner clan. The sisters share two major things in common – their love of God and great difficulty finding soulmates. Will the run-away bride ever be satisfied? Will career ambition trump finding love? How will pregnancy change a rocky relationship? You’ll fall in love with this first installment in The Sisters of Rosefield Series.

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Category: Inspirational Romance

Quest For Love

by Emma Easter

Audrey’s wedding is approaching, but first … there is a family secret that needs to be investigated. A long-lost brother must be found. Audrey and her sister, Sienna – along with their significant others – head to Spain to search for their half-brother. What is God’s plan for their brother who has had a very troubled past? Back at home, the third Gardner sister, Trisha, is learning the ropes as a new Mom. But, when a man from her past resurfaces, Trisha’s life takes an unexpected turn. You’ll love this second installment in The Sisters of Rosefield Series.

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