Love Comes for the Rock Star

by Savannah Adams

Sweet music or sour notes?

Rick Miller is the disillusioned lead singer of a rock band on the cusp of international fame. But the closer he gets to the big time, the more he longs to follow his true passion, writing country music songs. This doesn’t sit well with his manager or bandmates, so he’s got a decision to make, and fast.

Macy Cooper, a high school chorus teacher, stayed in her small town to help her mother raise her younger siblings after her father left the family to pursue fame as a classical violinist. Now she doesn’t trust artists of any stripe, especially rich and famous ones.

When Rick retreats to Magnolia Grove to sort out his future, fate brings him in contact with the talented and energetic Macy. Will their match be a duet made in heaven, or a song better left unsung?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance