Love Comes for the Bodyguard

by Savannah Adams

How do you protect someone who doesn’t want protecting?

Tyler Ashe had his life planned out. Then Uncle Sam rejected his bid to join the Army, leaving him in Magnolia Grove while his best friend went on to become an Army Ranger. The only perk to his job as a security guard at the local bank is seeing Brianna, his friend’s little sister, every day.

Brianna Williams is a sweet bank teller who has attracted the unwanted attention of a man from the neighboring town. When her brother’s best friend insists she needs protecting, the independent Brianna rejects the idea that she can’t take care of herself.

After the unsolicited suitor begins stalking her, Brianna must face up to her secret childhood crush on Tyler and decide if she can accept him as her bodyguard. And will Tyler be able to resist his emerging feelings for his friend’s kid sister long enough to keep her safe?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance