Love and Fck Poems

by Koraly Dimitriadis

Sexually repressed, separated Greek Girl on a rampage. There’s no love here just f–ks. But is she f–king him or f–king herself? Initially a self-published zine, which sold out repeatedly, Love and F–k Poems became a revamped Deluxe Edition book, and went on to be an Australian poetry bestseller, also translated into Greek. Love and F–k Poems continues to shock, captivate and enthrall with this special ten-year anniversary edition, which incorporates Koraly’s original zine drawings. A trailblazing story told through poetry of migrant culture, divorce, repression, dating, relationships, love, and the maddening scurry to find the sexual self.

“I am so obsessed with Koraly. Her work is disarming, emotionally fearless and she sounds like nobody else alive. I will read her poetry forever.”

— Hera Lindsay Bird, bestselling poet, Pamper Me to Hell and Back

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Category: Erotica