Louisiana History Collection: Volume One

by Jennifer Blake

Romance ignites amidst the tumult of a territory striving to find its identity. Volume 1 includes 3 of 7 lush, politically tense historical romances.

FIERCE EDEN: Reynaud, half Natchez Indian, requires Elise to share his bedroll in exchange for saving her friends during an uprising. Widowed after a brutish marriage, Elise fears intimacy more than the Natchez. How can she view Reynaud as an enemy after his tender introduction to love?

LOUISIANA DAWN: Cyrene rescues a handsome rake from drowning. In return, she requests he relieve her of her tiresome virginity. She expects to be her own woman after, but fails to reckon with René’s skill and her lonely heart.

EMBRACE & CONQUER: Félicité despises the Irish colonel who marches into New Orleans with the Spanish conquerors; pride demands she escape from his beguiling embrace. Will he let her go, or follow into the trap of a pirate’s lair?

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Category: Historical Romance