Louie the Lynx and Ryan the Lion

by Sarah Lahey

From award-winning author Sarah Lahey comes a story about a first kiss that goes terribly wrong. This standalone romantic comedy will have you laughing, sighing, and falling head over heels for its unforgettable characters.

Louie Leon is nine years into her PhD on light—a topic she can answer in one sentence—light is everything. With only six months left to complete her research, Louie’s laser focus is unwavering until a fateful encounter in the university tutorial room changes everything. Agreeing to a spontaneous kiss with the charming, yet infuriatingly attractive Ryan is her first mistake.

Join Louie and Ryan as they navigate the delightful chaos of mistaken letters, undeniable chemistry, and the pursuit of finding love when you least expect it.

Caught in Sydney’s perpetual rainstorm, Louie the Lynx and Ryan the Lion will leave you longing for the perfect happy ending every romance lover craves.

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Category: Romantic Comedy