Lost in the Woods

by Lorraine Margaret

Mystical, sensual, passionate, intense – Their love is as magical as the woods it was born in, but can it survive in the real world?
Princess Lilliana is fighting for her freedom in a land governed by men and falling in love with its dominant, charismatic leader is not part of her plan. She vows never to obey a man’s command again, but Lord Elijah is a volatile alpha male used to absolute obedience in all things.
Lilliana and Elijah are thrust together in a desperate situation beyond their control – to ensure Lilliana’s safety they must promise themselves to each other and consummate their union in the woods the night they meet. Entranced by the tender, uninhibited passion of their lovemaking, they are propelled headlong into an intense, tempestuous relationship for which neither is prepared…

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Category: Historical Romance