Lost In Magic

by KJ Warawa

Meredith Williams had no idea that some people were born with something extra — magic — until she learns she is one of those people. Twenty years after her mother bound her magic, she’s now expected to accept it when all she can see is the heartbreak it’s brought.

Magic FBI Special Agent Jack Knight has protected Meredith from afar, loving her but never able to tell her because of the rules that governed their world. Now Jack needs to convince Meredith that embracing her magic is the right thing to do, because if she doesn’t she could sentence her mother to death.

But the evil that shattered their pasts is back, and one man will do anything to obtain the power and revenge he’s waited decades for, including destroying Meredith and Jack.

Neither Jack nor Meredith is prepared for the evil that is about to descend upon them and their loved ones. Old hurts and fears take time to overcome… time they don’t have.

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Category: Paranormal Romance